tiana v. simovic

tiana v. simovic

Hello! I'm Tiana. I'm a PhD student in the Psychology department at the University of Toronto. I work with Dr. Craig Chambers in the Perception, Action, and Language Laboratory.

I'm interested in ambiguous linguistic reference and how we comprehend ambiguous language in real time. More broadly, I'm interested in what our mental representations look like, especially in cases where we seamlessly interpret misleading or unclear language.

My current project focuses on the indexical nature of the pronoun resolution process, and whether this process involves any sort of memory reactivation of antecedent semantics. I'm investigating this by using dynamic property changes to create referential ambiguity.

I love philosophy, especially logic, philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind. I draw inspiration from these areas — my current project was inspired by Frege's sense/reference distinction and his notion of ideas.

Outside the lab, I spend my free time time stargazing, making music, planespotting, playing/watching basketball, and hanging out with my cat, Porky.

tiana dot simovic at mail dot utoronto dot ca

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