tiana v. simovic

tiana v. simovic

Hello! I'm a Ph.D. student in the Psychology department at the University of Toronto. I work with Dr. Craig Chambers in the Perception, Action, and Language Lab.

I'm interested in how aspects of context and in-the-moment pragmatic reasoning influence how we comprehend and understand ambiguous referential expressions, like pronouns.

Another theme of my research is to compare how humans and computational language models approach their “comprehension” of ambiguous expressions. As you might guess, unlike humans, computational models are not great at resolving ambiguous reference, probably because understanding language is an extremely complex process. By emulating these processes in computational language models, the results can give us a better understanding of the features of language processing that are uniquely human.

🧐 I am currently working on two different projects. One is about how we draw on perspective cues in reading to spontaneously reason about ambiguous pronominal references. The other, which I am working on with Dr. Barend Beekhuizen, looks at how the role of naturalistic sentential context (from corpora) influences the interpretation of novel noun compounds from both behavioural and computational angles.

Outside the lab, I spend my free time stargazing, planespotting, making music, playing basketball/watching the Raptors, and hanging out with my cat, Porky:

tiana dot simovic at mail dot utoronto dot ca

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